Not Allowed on PinchFund



  • No Donations or Charitable Solicitations. Includes charities and non-profit organizations without a valid 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, charitable solicitations, commercial fundraisers (including commercial co-venturers), or any activity associated with the solicitation of donations.
  • No prohibited items or subject matter. No contests, raffles, drugs, pornography, or co-ventures. We have included a detailed list below:

Prohibited Projects:

Alcohol - in any form

Adult Oriented Material - the Internet has enough already

Collections Businesses - uncollectible debt, A/R receivable financing

Contests - Anything that involves prizes for winners

Coupons or Discounts - you cannot sell either on our site as a standalone item

Cash Equivalent Instruments - money orders, stored value products

Credit Services - credit counseling, repair, protection and identity theft

Donations or Charitable Solicitations - 501(c)3, non-profit, tax-exempt

Drugs - drugs, drug paraphenalia, anything your parents object to

Money Service Businesses - Offshore banking, check cashing services

Weapons - firearms, knives, nunchucks, bo staffs, shurikens

Gambling Businesses - poker, lotteries, games of chance

Healthcare Discount Programs - including membership programs

Illegal, Inappropriate, or Offensive Items/Activities - violates laws, angers citizens

Marketing Businesses - multi-level marketing, telemarketing, up-sell, infomercial merchants

Miracle Cure Products - anything offering guaranteed results other than spinach

Get Rich Quick Schemes - anything involving "prizes" or promises of guaranteed results

Phone Sevices - 800 or 900 phone number, text services, prepaid phone cards

Regulated Activities - bail bonds, security brokers, bankruptcy attorneys

Tobacco Products - includes cigars, cigarettes - all tobacco basically

Travel and Time Shares - no agencies, tour operators, clubs, packages

If you have any questions in regards to whether or not your project may violate our guidelines, please contact us at [email protected]